Our story

We are Youp Brinkhoff and Laura Hendriksen. On the first of January 2020 we took over the farm of Youps dad, Edgar Brinkhoff, and started our big adventure as ‘La ferme de YoLa’. We embraced the farm as a new lifestyle in which we thrive to do the best for humankind and nature.

Why did we become farmers

This is our way to contribute to this beautiful planet. Sometimes you would like to take the whole world on your shoulders but since that’s not possible we decided to look at what we could do and that’s to take good care of the land we are working on. It is there where we put in all our love and energy to make sure that this small piece on earth stays healthy and will continue to give healthy and fair products to our community.

Woof woof

This is Jack, our farm mascot. He is the first to excitingly meet you on our farm. He loves to take walks on the farm, to take nice naps in the sun and drive along with Youp on the tractor. Every now and then he will try to catch a mouse and most of the time.. he’ll fail greatly. But that’s okay, we just keep cheering him on, go Jack!

We started this new adventure together with him & at moments where everything seems a bit overwhelming there is always Jack to give us big cuddles.


I grew up in the mud. During my childhood I watched with great interest how my dad started his farm. But what I also saw was how much time and energy you have to put in to maintaining a farm. I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted for myself.

To be able to shape my own identity I felt it was important to experience things outside of the farm. I had different jobs and did some traveling. But I would go back to the farm to help my dad whenever I had some time. It was only after all the experiences I had outside the farm that I felt ready to take this big new adventure on my shoulders.

What I personally find so beautiful about this work is the interaction with soil. This is the base of our products. The space where everything begins. The research to find the best balans, to work the soil on the right moment & using the right fertilizer all so that from there on beautiful and healthy products will thrive.

It teaches me to have patience, to observe the plants and soil to see what they are telling me and to anticipate on that.

When I see the plants are doing well and giving us beautiful fruits, that’s what gives me the most fulfillment in this work.


I grew up in different places in the Netherlands but it was here in France on the countryside where I really rooted.

When Youp and I wanted to travel together we decided to work on the farm to earn some extra money. Not knowing yet that I would fall in love with this place.

I have a background in art and lived in the city. I was known for my high heels and dresses. Agriculture didn’t really seem my thing.

But after a couple months of getting my hands dirty I saw the beauty I was surrounded with. I felt as if I was part of something bigger than me and something I wanted to contribute to.

I had to think about what my part on this farm could be and that’s where the idea of growing flowers came alive. Not only could I work as a farmer but I would also be able to be creative with my own product.

And like that I was able to combine my two favorite things together.

Our team

Our farm would not be able to exist without our great team. They are the backbone of our farm and the hands we need to be able to get all our products to you. They work hard and often in challenging circumstances.

They have been around longer than us. They started working with Edgar Brinkhoff and are now continuing to work with us.

We are very humble for the trust and confidence they have in us and so thankful to have them still around with all their valuable knowledge and experience.

Farm history

In 1987 Edgar Brinkhoff (Youp’s father) moved from the Netherlands to France with his wife Joke Brinkhoff and children. Why? To chase his dream as an organic farmer. Because of the high soil prices in the Netherlands he was forced to look for other alternatives.

In the South-west of France in the Lot et Garonne he found his land. There was a good climate to grow vegetables and it was in this area where there already existed an organic culture. Which was a great advantage because around 1987 organic agriculture was still seen as something alternative.

“I often got weird looks from people when I shared my view on agriculture” he told. But for him even in these times it was already very clear that organic farming was the only right way to go.

After more than 30 years he built his name and was able to change the view on organic farming. It is with great pride that we can continue the work on this soil. C’est donc avec une grande fierté que nous continuons le travail sur ses terres.

Promenez vous dans notre ferme