Lot-et-Garonne (47), France

Custom-designed organic wedding flowers, including setup on location

Designed with our environment in mind.

For small events and weddings

Designed with our environment in mind

Organic, local and home-grown

Setup on location

Laura propose une magnifique sélection de fleurs qu'elle fait pousser elle-même en culture biologique pour un prix juste, des fleurs qu'elle arrange avec délicatesse et poésie. Elle a su comprendre nos attentes, a été très à l'écoute et très professionnelle. L'arrangement floral était sublime, les invités sous le charme. Nous ne pouvons que vous la recommander.

Coline et Thomas
Full-service wedding flowers

Let your flower heart run wild, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Would you like to go all out for your wedding flowers? Then this is a great option for you. With the full-service wedding flowers I will help you bring your flower vision to life. Based on your vision, budget and venue I create a personalized plan, design custom flower arrangements and will deliver and setup the flowers at your venue.

During our process

We will start with getting a clear idea of your vision and budget. We will discuss color pallets and flower varieties and I will have a look which flower varieties will grow during the season of your wedding day.

I’ll present you with various options for floral arrangements and suggest designs that align perfectly with your overall vision. Additionally, I’ll consult with you about the possibilities that suit your specific wedding location.

Once we have a clear idea about your preferences and vision I will send you a quotation with all the specifics. When accepted I will secure your wedding date and start preparing for your special day.

Ready to bring your flower vision alive? Fill out the form and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Growing flowers exclusively for you

If you hire me early, I can grow your favorite flowers. Ordering seeds and/or bulbs in advance for your wedding day is important, as their delivery can take months. So if you want specific flowers, consider hiring me as soon as possible.

If you hire me early, I can grow your favorite flowers. Ordering seeds and/or bulbs in advance for your wedding day is important, as their delivery can take months. So if you want specific flowers, consider hiring me as soon as possible.

Beautiful for the eyes and the mind

Hi, I’m Laura. My vision for custom designed wedding flowers is to be able to offer flower arrangements that are not only beautiful to look at, but are also made with the beauty of the planet in mind.

Designing the flower arrangements with my own grown organic flowers gives me full control over all the products involved in this process.

I try to be as mindful as I can during the process of creating. This goes from organically and ethically growing my flowers up to the materials I use for making my designs.

You are renting the vases I use for your flowers.

Over the years I made a collection of beautiful vases carefully picked up in secondhand shops and garage sales. While I understand that for you as a client it’s not always convenient to have to bring back the vases after an event, buying cheap vases in bulk that are thrown away after an event (which is still quit normal in the wedding and event industry) simply doesn’t align with my values.

To secure the flowers for centerpieces, I use reusable materials such as flower frogs, chicken wire, or bundles of branches. This allows me to stay away from non degradable materials such as oasis.

My flower style

Organic shapes and compositions that make the eye curious and the heart joyful.

My flower arrangements have spontaneity in them, but always well balanced. They are loose, lush and cheerful. Often with a little surprise, like a strawberry or berry branch. Or textures that offer surprisingly subtle contrasts. I like to play with heights, density, textures and smell to show the beauty nature brings.


What is the process like?


Fill out the form.

The form contains a few questions to get us started. Full-service wedding flowers starts at 1.500,00 €.


We meet at the farm, or have a call.

I’ll make a phone call appointment with you, or we meet at our farm (in Granges-Sur-Lot) where we discuss your vision of your wedding day.

When we meet at the farm, I’ll give you a little tour of my flower garden.


I’ll send you the proposal based on our conversations.


After payment your date is secured and we go from there.

I reserve a part of my garden and flowers just for you. And maybe even grow flowers specifically for your special day.


I’ll lead you through the process.

On the big day you know exactly what to expect. I’m bringing your flower vision to life at your chosen location and I can’t wait to see your reaction.

Let's talk all things flowers

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