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Flowers by Bucket

Love to create floral arrangements yourself? Or is your budget asking you to be creative? Flowers by bucket is a great option for you. With Flowers by bucket you get a good amount of flowers and greenery to be creative with.

30,00 100,00 

All about the Flowers by Bucket

Your Flowers by bucket exists of 1/6 bigger centerpiece flowers, 2/6 standard sized flowers and 3/6 greenery and fillers used to create lushness, length and volume in your arrangements.

How many flowers do I get?

Flowers by Bucket petite = ± 30 stems
Flowers by Bucket classic = ± 50 stems
Flowers by Bucket garden = ± 100 stems

Combine it with the ready made flower arrangements.

A match made in heaven if you want creative freedom but don’t necessarily want to create all the flower arrangements yourself. Combine Flowers by Bucket with my ready-made wedding flower arrangements. Experience the beauty of both worlds.

How many flowers do I need?

I made a few examples for you to make it easier to find out how many stems you might need for your design.

  • Bridal bouquet: 40-60 stems depending on a smaller or bigger bouquet
  • Bud vases: 3-5 stems per bud vase
  • Centerpiece: 60-80 stems
  • Flower crown: 15-20 stems

Important details

A few key details you want to know.